boAT Accessories Price in Nepal

boAT Accessories in Nepal

boAt has been a number one company in providing amazing accessories to the “boAt heads” since 2014. The company dominated the Indian market in 2020. And, there has been an increase in customers of boAT in Nepal in recent times as well.

boAT has come up with many amazing accessories among which their air dopes have been getting a lot of love from the customers. In Nepal, people are looking to buy accessories like Airdopes, speakers, smartwatches, and earphones from boAT at the present time. The brand has launched many air dopes models to this date.

In this article, we have listed some of the latest boAT Airdopes, that have been launched in Nepal along with their specs and updated price.

1. boAT Airdopes

boAT Airdopes have come in hype for a few years now. Not just Indian customers but Nepali customers are also loving these amazing Airdopes from boAT. These earbuds are quite reasonable considering the wide range of specifications that these products have. This is the category of boAT accessories you should look forward to in the markets of Nepal.

boAT Airdopes 441

boAT Accessories in Nepal

This has to be one of the most expensive Air Dopes from the company in Nepal. boAT has impressed the customer base with its water and sweat-resistant formula in Air Dopes 441. These wireless earbuds come with the latest Bluetooth v5.0. The design is perfect for athletes and active youths who want to get the best Air Dopes experience despite their hectic routines.

Specs and Price

Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.0.
Driver size: 6mm
Battery:20 Hours with case, 5 Hours(LED turns blue after charge)
Charging: 1.5 Hours
Price:Rs. 5499
Colors available:Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow

boAT Airdopes 381

boAT Accessories in Nepal

boAT Airdopes 381 is another amazing launch from the company. This Airdopes is perfect for blasting music while performing something athletic as it is sweat and water-resistant. The Airdopes has a playback rate of 4 hours which does not surpass the playback rate of boAT Airdopes 441. But, overall, the boAT Airdopes 381 definitely makes a decent purchase. Moreover, the driver size is 7mm and there are many color options to choose from.

Specs and Price

Connectivity:BT v5.0
Driver Size:7mmO
Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
Price:Rs. 4999
Colors available:Green, Yellow, Pink, Dark Blue, Dimgrey, Medium Spring Green, Light Blue, and Light Sea Green

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boAT Airdopes 131

boAT Accessories in Nepal

boAT Airdopes 131 is perfect for our workout routines or lazy days at home. Wherever you are, the lightweight Airdopes 131 is here to give you the best wireless earbuds experience. It comes with a driver size of 13mm. Overall, the earbuds are very comfortable to plug in your ears with Insta Wake N’ Pair technology. The earbuds connect as soon as it is out of their case.

Specs and Price

Connectivity:BT v5.0
Driver Size:13mm x 2 Drivers
Charging Voltage:5VDC
Price:Rs. 2999
Colors available:Viper Green, Black, Steel Blue, Crimson Cream, Light Pink, and Ivory White

2. boAT Earphones

Besides the Airdopes, boAT also has some great quality earphones if you are not a fan of wireless earphones. The customer base in Nepal has loved this boAT accessories category. These earphones have amazing specifications and boAT heads have loved this category of accessory quite well.

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+

boAT Accessories in Nepal

These earphones have the best sound quality with their super extra bass. This set of earphones is just as good as the Airdopes. Moreover, you can get a 10mm driver size, and the music experience through this set is worth the price.

Specs and Price

Battery Capacity (mAh): 300 mAh
Playback Time:40 hours (at 60% volume)
Charging Time:1.5 hours
Bluetooth Version: v5.2
Price:Rs. 3,499

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro

boAT Accessories in Nepal

These amazing earphones are water-resistant and sweatproof. You will surely love these earphones if you like listening to music on full blast when you are on a jog or at the gym. Moreover, this set of earphones is on the more reasonable side which you will love if you are looking for good quality earphones under a budget.

Specs and Price

Charging Time:1.5hrs
Chipset:Qualcomm CSR8635
Bluetooth:Bluetooth Version 5.0
Play Back Time:6hrs 
 Driver Size:10mm 
Price:Rs. 2,999

boAt Rockerz 330

boAT Accessories in Nepal

If you are an audiophile, then this one is just for you. You will surely love the high performance of this boAT Rockerz 330. Moreover, the ergonomic design of these earphones is here to guarantee some amazing audio speakers and comfort at the same time.

Specs and Price

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Battery Capacity:150 mAh
Compatibility: All Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth Range: 10 Meters
Charging Time:30-40 mins
Price: Rs. 3,399

boAt BassHeads 152 

boAT Accessories in Nepal

These boAT earphones come with a mic. The boAT BassHeads 152 is all about versatility and comfort. There is nothing that will impress you more than the amazing boAT earphones with their tangle-resilient features. Moreover, these earphones are all about fantastic bass.

Specs and Price

Compatible Operating System:Android
Cable Length:1.0m – 1.4m
Features:Sweat Proof, Noise Cancellation, Built-in Microphone
Price:Rs. 1,199

3. boAt Portable Speaker

boAT has come up with a wide range of accessories and their speaker is one of the best products you can possibly think of. In Nepal, you can find boAt Portable Speaker Stone 170 with the best features you can ask for at a reasonable price range.

boAt Portable Speaker Stone 170

boAT Accessories in Nepal

With a power output of 5W, these speakers are all you will be asking for in 2023. This is one of the best speakers you will find at this price range in Nepal. If you are all about that bass, blast your favorite songs and give yourself that memorable audio experience with boAT Portable Speaker Stone 170.

Specs and Price

Built-in Battery:Yes
Features:Water Resistant, Headphone Jack, Stereo Pairing, Rechargeable, Auxiliary input
Price:Rs. 2,999

4. boAT Smart Watch

boAT has come up with a great range of smartwatches. These smartwatches are comfortable, diligent, and all that you will be asking for in 2023. boAT smartwatches will track your steps, and calories and keep a check on everything. Needless to say, customers in Nepal have loved this category of boAT accessories.

boAt Xtend Sport Smart Watch

boAT Accessories in Nepal

Make every move count with boAT Xtend Sport Smart Watch. Strap it on and see how you will get an active assistant on your wrist at the most reasonable price imaginable.

Screen Type:1.69-inch HD Display
Battery Capacity: 200 mAh
Bluetooth Version:V 5.0
Compatibility: Android and IOS
Working Temperature:20 to 65 degrees
Price: Rs. 6,499

boAt Wave Pro-47 Smart Watch

boAT Accessories in Nepal

boAT Wave Pro-47 Smart Watch is an amazing purchase if you want to measure your heart rate, get scores on the latest sports matches, and many more features for your day-to-day life. This is the most comfortable and stylish smartwatch you will find in Nepal.

Specs and Price

Screen Type:1.69-inch HD Display
Battery Capacity:200mAh
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
Working Time:about 7 days
Working Temperature: 20-60 degree
Price:Rs. 6,499

5. boAT Cables and Converters

boAT has come up with the best cables and converters in their range and customers have been all about good reviews. In Nepal, you can currently find three different types of cables from boAT. This is one of the top boAT accessories to buy in Nepal.

boAt Type C A320 Type C Cable

boAT Accessories in Nepal

These cables have amazing specifications for their price range. The cable can endure up to 10000 bends which are more than impressive. The connectivity of this cable is also universal. There won’t is a need for repairs as breakage is far from the question with this product.

Specs and Price

Connectors: The compact connector fits seamlessly.
Transfer Speed:Up to 480 Mbps
Charging:3A Fast Charging & Data Transmissions at 480 Mbps
Price:Rs. 499

boAt Micro USB 150

boAT Accessories in Nepal

boAT has come up with amazing cables at reasonable prices and it has been doing quite well in the Nepali market as well. These premium cotton braided cables have high-speed data transmission and charging.

Specs and Price

Connectors:The compact Aluminum connector fits seamlessly.
Cable:1.5 M Tangle Free 
Charging: 2A Fast Charging & Data Transmissions at 480 Mbps.
Price: Rs. 999

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