A new bill would ban TikTok in the US

US lawmakers have proposed a ban on TikTok in the US. It is a social media app known for its short viral videos - citing concerns about national security. The bipartisan bill is the latest action taken in the United States against the company. It is owned by Chinese tech

US News Content
Meta Has Threatened To Remove US News Content If The…

It opposes a new law that would give news organizations more negotiating power over fees for the content shared on

Twitter Blue Check Mark
Twitter Blue Check Mark and Subscription Cost

Many people all around the world have been curious about the new update about the Twitter Blue check mark. In

Verify TikTok account in Nepal
How to Verify TikTok Account

TikTok has become one of the most used social media platforms. People are more active on TikTok than they are

How to verify account on Twitter?
How to verify your Twitter account?

There has always been a question in the minds of people who use social media accounts on how to verify

tools to improve your Instagram experience
To Enhance your Instagram Experience, try these tools.

Instagram is a fantastic platform in and of itself, but by utilizing these tools, you can enhance your experience. Let’s

tesla phone
Tesla Phone: Expected Price, Release Date, Specs, and More Rumors

The concept of a Tesla phone, rumored to be called the Model Pi/P, has gone viral on the internet. But

Zoom shares
Zoom shares are down 90% from their peak as the…

Zoom Video Communications Inc (ZM.O) shares have fallen nearly 90% since their pandemic high in October 2020, as the former

Facebook political and religious views
Facebook is removing religious and political views from profiles

Facebook has been one of the most used and popular apps among all the other social media apps in the

Meta new privacy features
Meta introduces new privacy features for minors

The use of social media has tremendously increased among underage kids and teenagers. The dangers of social media also have

With the evolution of technology, human interest has also increased in many aspects and

Nepal Telecom Corporation (NTC) will now enable people to use the most awaited eSIM

A TV is always a long-term investment for anyone who wants to make a

E-commerce in Nepal has been around for more than two decades. Thousands of eCommerce