Apple’s new Freeform app is one of the company’s best…

If you had to pick a theme for Apple's most recent software releases, it would be productivity. While iOS 14 saw the debut of redesigned widgets, iOS 15 doubled down on productivity with Focus. And the Freeform app looks to complete the trilogy with new iOS 16 updates. Apple's new

This free Apple watchOS 9.2 update allows you to race…

Apple Watch watchOS9.2 is fantastic. Apple Watch users (at least those with an Apple Watch Series 4 or later) are

Antihelium an Antimatter
Antihelium an Antimatter Offers Hope in the Search for Dark…

PHYSICISTS AT THE Large Hadron Collider began producing antihelium, an exotic form of antimatter, in 2010. Or we some call

ban TikTok in the US
A new bill would ban TikTok in the US

US lawmakers have proposed a ban on TikTok in the US. It is a social media app known for its

Samsung's 45-Watt Phone Charger
Is Samsung’s 45-Watt Phone Charger Worth It? We ran some…

No, Samsung’s 45-Watt Phone Charger isn’t worth it. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra support faster 45-watt fast charging,

Advanced Data Protection
Advanced Data Protection for iCloud Protects Sensitive Data and Communications.

Users can now protect their most sensitive data and communications with iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Keys for Apple ID,

Apple Music Sing
Apple Music Sing Transforms Your iPhone Into a Mobile Karaoke…

Apple Music is getting a new feature called Apple Music Sing that could help you become a karaoke superstar. With

Apple Watch Ultra Review

Apple has yet again come up with an amazing smartwatch that you will be looking forward to buying this year.

Best Wireless Headphones
The 10 Best Wireless Headphones for Everyone

These Techspecsnepal-tested picks sound like a million bucks, whether you need workout earbuds or gaming over-ears. Let’s talk about the

Android 13 for TV
Android 13 for TV is now available with Improved Accessibility

Google has released Android 13 for TV, the latest version of the Android TV OS! This latest release includes additional

With the evolution of technology, human interest has also increased in many aspects and

If you want to buy a gaming phone under the budget of Rs. 20,000

Consumer-facing technology products and applications are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Here are thirteen

After the update was released two months ago, "Yo Gajjab Chha", and "Nepali Patro