Cleer Scene Review: Simple, Stylish, and Enjoyable to listen to

Cleer Scene Review

This is Cleer Scene review. Cleer Audio is known for producing high-quality audio at reasonable prices, and we’re hoping the same holds true for its latest Bluetooth speaker.

The Cleer Scene is a portable speaker with a fashionable design, a small footprint, and the promise of big sound.

It faces stiff competition from some of the most popular brands in the space at a price of around £99 / €119. We set out to see how it stacked up.

Our Quick Thoughts: Cleer Scene Review

The Cleer Scene is a beautiful speaker that produces excellent sound. When it comes to specifications, it’s lacking in features, and the battery life isn’t the best we’ve seen.

That being said, this speaker does everything it needs to do and lasts long enough for our needs. If you want a Bluetooth speaker with a more refined sound signature but don’t want to remortgage your house to get it, this could be the one.

The competition is fierce, but the Cleer Scene is a portable option with impressive sound quality.

Cleer Scene

Rating: 4 out of 5.


  • Great sound
  • Quality look and feel
  • Excellent price point
  • IPX7 water resistance


  • No smart features
  • No fast charging
  • No stereo pairing

Let’s dig deeper into the Cleer Scene Review.

Design and Connectivity of Cleer Scene

  • Dimensions: Approx 220 x 74 x 90 mm
  • Weight: Approx 742g
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm audio input, USB-C charging

The Cleer Scene is a stunning speaker. It comes in two colors: a more subtle grey finish that we’re testing, and a bold all-red version for those who want to stand out.

The mesh fabric covers the majority of the speaker, with rubberized buttons on the top and back, and a metallic-looking strip encircling the radiators and flowing across the front of the device. This strip is actually made of plastic, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at it.

Design and Connectivity of Cleer Scene

The front has a central logo with a diffused LED bar underneath. When in use, the power button and Bluetooth pairing button on the back light up in green and blue, respectively.

We love the aesthetic; it’s classy, understated, and looks great in the home. Many Bluetooth speakers have a more rugged rubberized appearance, which may be better for durability, but we believe most people would agree that this is easier on the eyes.

In terms of toughness, the Scene has IPX7 water resistance as well as shock resistance. It feels solid in hand, but we believe that dropping it will ruin its appearance, even if it still works afterward.

Each end has a passive radiator with a metallic cone that vibrates in time with your music. These are hypnotic to watch and look fantastic when illuminated.

It’s the same size as many other can-shaped Bluetooth speakers, but because of the angled sides, it can only be placed horizontally. It will still fit into a bottle pocket on a backpack and possibly a bottle clip on a bicycle.

When it comes to connectivity, you have two options: Bluetooth 5.0 wirelessly or wired with a 3.5mm audio cable. There is a USB-C port, but it is only for charging, and a cable is included, but no wall adapter.

Features and Battery life of Cleer Scene

  • Microphone for voice calls
  • NFC pairing
  • Rechargeable 2600 mAh battery
  • Up to 12 Hours of playback per charge

The Cleer Scene has some of the most basic features available. There’s no companion app, no Wi-Fi, and no stereo pairing options. You can’t change the EQ either, so you’ll have to hope you like how it sounds out of the box.

What you do get is a noise-canceling and echo-canceling microphone for taking calls, as well as NFC for simple pairing. We’re always happy to see an NFC tag; it’s something that’s missing from a lot of Bluetooth speakers, and it’s especially useful for frequent device-switchers like ourselves.

The battery life is stated to be up to 12 hours, but this is dependent on your listening volume. When compared to the competition, it’s not the most impressive, but it’s more than adequate for our needs. With an hour or two of use per day, it lasted well over a week with a 50% charge remaining.

There’s no fast-charging technology here, but if you’re not charging every day, we don’t think it’s a deal breaker.

Sound Quality of Cleer Scene

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Dual 48mm neodymium dynamic drivers
  • Dual passive radiators

As a result, with a distinct lack of features, the Cleer Scene relies heavily on its audio quality. And we’re pleased to report that it delivers in this regard.

The clarity lives up to the brand’s name, but it’s still a pleasantly warm sound overall. The Huawei Sound Joy isn’t a bass cannon, but the bass here is much more precise and refined.

There’s plenty of punch where it should be, but it’s not as pronounced as it is on Huawei. The choice is entirely personal, but the Scene’s definition puts it ahead of most similarly priced competitors if you value accuracy and detail.

This speaker’s weakest link is his lack of stage presence. It’s a room-filling sound, but there’s not much in the way of stereo separation. It’s also very directional, so the speaker sounds best when you’re sitting directly in front of it; unlike some others, it won’t project in all directions.

We listened to a wide range of genres and were never disappointed with the results. It works well with hip-hop, electronic, jazz, and rock instruments.

It can also produce a lot of volumes. We spent the majority of our time testing around the 50% mark; increasing to 70% or so is uncomfortably loud in a small room. We also didn’t notice any distortion at these high volumes, which is quite impressive.


If you’re looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker in this price range, the Cleer Scene is hard to beat. There are many options with more bells and whistles, but few look and sound as good as this one. I hope this Cleer Scene review helps you to figure out if you need this speaker or not.

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