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Mechanical keyboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there is a thriving modding community in this market. Why use the same keyboard as everyone else when you can buy a starter kit and customize your own? I’ve compiled a list of the best custom mechanical keyboards available.

Keychron Q3

Keychron Q3 - Best Custom Mechanical Keyboards
Source: RTINGS

Best Value

There’s a lot to like about the Keychron Q3. While this is the company’s less expensive custom mechanical keyboard, it has some killer features such as all-aluminum construction, gasket mounting, plenty of sound dampening, and an excellent selection of Gateron G Pro switches and PBT keycaps. This is the most affordable option available.


Drop CTRL - Best Custom Mechanical Keyboards
Source: Drop

Classic Design

The Drop CTRL has been around for years, and Drop has yet to update it, but it doesn’t really need one (other than support for 5-pin switches). If you can overlook that minor flaw, this is an excellent custom mechanical keyboard, and the price reflects that. QMK support, two USB-C ports, and an all-aluminum design are all present, but there is no gasket mounting.

NZXT Function

NZXT Function
Source: NZXT

For CAM fans

If you already use NZXT CAM to control your AIO liquid cooler, smart RGB lighting, and other devices, the NZXT Function may be exactly what you need. Some may find it lacking in that it does not support QMK and requires CAM, but others will see it as a blessing to be able to use one software for everything. It also helps that this is a fantastic first keyboard from NZXT.

MelGeek Mojo68

MelGeek Mojo68
Source: MelGeek

Transparent looks

Give the MelGeek Mojo68 with its transparent top case design a look if you’re looking for something a little different. Wireless or wired connections are available, as well as QMK support and advanced features such as gasket mounting. This thing not only looks insane, but it’s also a great starter kit for anyone looking to customize their keyboard.

KBD75 V3.1

KBD75 V3.1
Source: KBDfans


We’ve now crossed over into enthusiast territory. The KBD75 V3.1 is a unique custom mechanical keyboard because it can be built from the ground up to your exact specifications. This allows you to buy your own lubricant, dampeners, tape, and other components to create a one-of-a-kind typing experience. Just be prepared for the cost to escalate (and pick up some soldering equipment if you’re going completely barebones).

KPRepublic DNA65

KPRepublic DNA65
Source: AliExpress

Small and Mighty

The KPRepublic DNA65 is a slightly smaller model. This custom keyboard has a lot going for it, including 5-pin switch support, a 65% layout, and a reasonable price. The DNA65 is a barebones kit that requires switches and keycaps to be purchased separately, but it’s a good keyboard that will keep you typing and gaming with some underglow RGB lighting.

What is the best custom mechanical keyboard?

The ability to customize your best gaming keyboard versus your average best gaming keyboard is a significant difference. This could include hot-swapping switches or adding additional dampening and other features within the keyboard itself.

If you’ve seen keyboards with fancy keycaps and other custom bits and pieces, the owner almost certainly used a kit like the ones we’ve recommended in this collection. If you’re new to the modding scene and want a low-cost starter kit, the Keychron Q3 is a great option, especially if you buy it preassembled.

This isn’t the only great custom mechanical keyboard available, and our other recommendations are also worth considering. The Drop CTRL is another excellent keyboard that is getting a little old, but it is still an excellent foundation. The MelGeek Mojo68 is also intriguing due to its transparency and wireless capabilities. There are so many to pick from! I hope you get one of these custom mechanical keyboards and have fun with it.

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