Elon Musk is doing the same thing to Twitter as he did to Tesla and Space X

Elon Musk Twitter

There was a time when Elon Musk’s Tesla had the highest number of turnovers. The company was close to shutting down back in 2018. Elon Musk has recently bought Twitter.

But, it has been rumored that Musk is doing the same thing with Twitter as he did with Tesla a few years ago. He laid off of over 7500 employees from Twitter while accepting the resignations of over 1200 employees. The same thing had happened to his company Space X.

The high-risk companies were able to amount to an equally high level of profit. But despite being a high-risk company, Twitter still remains to raise questions on whether it will be able to raise the same level of profits or not. Elon Musk surely has something planned as he is a completely mission-driven man who has worked for the success of some of the world’s most successful companies including Twitter.

Elon also shared that he has been sleeping on the floors of Twitter. David Deak, who worked at Tesla from 2014-2016 says, “Musk clearly thrives in existential circumstances.” He added, “He quasi-creates them to light the fire under everybody.” It really isn’t that hard to see what Musk is trying to do here.

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