Facebook is removing religious and political views from profiles

Facebook political and religious views

Facebook has been one of the most used and popular apps among all the other social media apps in the world for the past two decades. However, with the increase in awareness among people, Facebook is removing religious and political views from profiles.

Whoever has filled out their religious and political views on their profiles will be notified about this update. This does not change their right to share their political and religious views anywhere else on Facebook. Moreover, the option that says “Interested In” refers to one’s sexual orientation. This option will be removed from Facebook by December 1.

After the topic of privacy, infringement has come to light, it is only right for Facebook to remove the outdated option. Many other popular apps like Instagram and Tiktok tend to keep the profiles of the users’ lowkey. So, it is definitely a wise decision for Facebook to be removing religious and political views now.

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