Gorilla Glass Keeps Your Smartphone Display Safe: How Gorilla Glass Works?

How Gorilla Glass Works
Gorilla Glass

What exactly is Gorilla Glass? Where does it work and how is it made? Find out with Techspecsnepal.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass has been around for a while, evolving through several versions to protect some of today’s most popular smartphones. The most recent addition to the series is the Gorilla Glass Victus 2, which was released earlier this week. While Gorilla Glass is synonymous with display protection, how much do we actually know about it, its various versions, and how it works? Let’s take a look at how Gorilla Glass works and what goes into making Gorilla Glass Victus 2 so strong.

What is Gorilla Glass?

Most modern smartphones’ screens are the most important aspect, serving as the primary input and output component for the majority of tasks. It is critical that it remains clean, functional, and free of damage for long-term use. But how do you make glass, one of the most delicate materials in our environment, strong? This is where Corning and its Gorilla Glass come into play.

The Gorilla Glass series consists of a toughened glass layer placed above the digitizer on a smartphone screen. It shields the components beneath from damage caused by drops and scratches. The glass layer, by remaining free of cracks and scratches, also ensures good visibility for the user and a smooth touch experience while using the phone.

How Gorilla Glasses are made?

Before we get into Gorilla Glass, we should first understand what toughened glass is. Toughened glass is a type of glass that has long been used in phones and other handheld devices. Unlike regular glass, which cracks easily, toughened glass uses chemicals to strengthen the bonds between its solid molecules, making the material much more resistant to damage.

Glass with Sodium ions embedded in it is dipped into a bath of liquid potassium salt in a process known as Ion Exchange. When the bath is heated to around 400 degrees Celsius, the potassium ions displace the sodium ions. The newly embedded Potassium ions, on the other hand, are larger than the Sodium ions.

This gives the material’s molecular structure a form of internal rigidity, with the larger potassium ions now pushing against each other in the limited space, making the structure’s molecular bonding much harder than before.

Corning has since improved the toughness of its Gorilla Glass over the years. While the fundamentals of ion exchange remain constant, the depth to which the process is implemented on the glass changes. Corning began giving the glass sheets a second ion bath with Gorilla Glass Victus, displacing more Sodium ions with Potassium ions and strengthening the glass even more. Corning also uses stronger glass than Gorilla Glass did in its early years. However, the technology that goes into this glass is a closely guarded trade secret that is critical to Corning’s business.

What’s new in Gorilla Glass Victus 2?

Victus 2 improves on the original Gorilla Glass Victus standard, which was announced in 2020. The main improvement with Victus 2 is the drop protection provided by the glass.

Corning has used new, improved methods to strengthen the glass, as well as updated their testing parameters, now using rougher surfaces to simulate real-life drop surfaces like concrete or asphalt, and heavier pucks to simulate today’s heavier phones.

Which glass is better than Gorilla Glass? Is there any?

Well, the answer is no. While Gorilla Glass is a major protective glass manufacturer, you may have heard of other names such as Dragontail Glass or the more popular Sapphire Glass, which is used on many high-end wearables today such as the flagship Apple Watch series variants.

Sapphire Glass employs a unique chemical process to create triangular-placed aluminum oxide molecules that are more resistant to scratches. However, it is much more expensive to produce than Gorilla Glass. According to reports, Sapphire is ten times more expensive to produce than Gorilla Glass.

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