Apple Music Sing Transforms Your iPhone Into a Mobile Karaoke Machine.

Apple Music Sing

Apple Music is getting a new feature called Apple Music Sing that could help you become a karaoke superstar.

With the release of Apple Music Sing, the tech giant’s best music streaming service is upgrading this month.

You’ll be able to not only follow along with the lyrics of a supported song in real-time. But you’ll also be able to control the volume of the vocal track. You can have the vocals at full volume when you’re just learning the words and tune of a piece. Then, as you gain confidence in your abilities, you can turn the singer down until you’re completely overshadowing them and making the performance your own.

Best of all, even if you turn down the vocals completely, you’ll still have the band playing at full volume behind you, as well as the optional support of any backing singers.

Apple Music Sing isn’t limited to songs with a single vocalist. You and a partner will be able to perform a variety of duets. Or you will be able to perform a virtual duet with your favorite singer by lowering the volume of one vocalist.

Apple Music Sing

However, while we wait for more information from Apple. It appears that this fun-sounding feature will have a few disappointing limitations, at least at launch.

Another issue is that, because this is an expansion of Apple Music Lyrics, we anticipate that songs that do not currently support the feature will also not support Apple Music Sing. Having said that, 10,000 songs already support real-time lyrics. So even if your favorite duet, epic anthem, or tear-jerking ballad isn’t available at launch, there will almost certainly be something for you to enjoy.

Which Devices Support Apple Music Sing?

Furthermore, if you use Apple Music on a non-Apple device such as Google Pixel 6, this feature will not be available to you. This feature will be available on “compatible iPhone and iPad models as well as the new Apple TV 4K”. No other devices will support Apple Music Sing at launch.

This feature will be available as a free update to the pre-existing Apple Music Lyrics tool. It will be on devices such as the iPhone 14 and iPad Air.

Hopefully, it will be available for every device you use.

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