Mobile phones, and particularly their prices, have long piqued the interest of the general public in Nepal. Similarly to this, the majority of individuals in the nation choose to buy mobile phones directly from physical stores rather than internet retailers. To purchase mobile phones in Nepal, people must begin learning about new online marketplaces. The prices of mobile phones have, however, significantly increased in Nepal, and we look forward to presenting the price information for each sort of mobile phone you’ll be looking to purchase in Nepal in 2023.

These fantastic mobile phones would be greatly appreciated by Nepali consumers.


Xiaomi has set up a big customer base for itself in many countries all around the world. There are many people who are looking to buy good phones at affordable prices. Xiaomi is probably one of the brands that come first in mind when you think about phone brands as such.

In Nepal, people have always loved the amazing range that Xiaomi has been providing in its phone models. Xiaomi is a truly revolutionary company when it comes to working for its customer base’s satisfaction. You can find amazing phones from Xiaomi in Nepal starting from the price of Rs. 11,999 and ranging up to Rs. 114,999.  

Redmi A1 (2+32GB)Rs. 11,999
Redmi A1+ (2+32GB)Rs. 12,499
Redmi A1+ (2+32GB)Rs. 13,999
Redmi 9A (2+32GB)Rs. 12,999  
Redmi 9A (3+32GB)Rs. 13,999 
Redmi 9C (3+64GB)Rs. 15,999  
Redmi 9C (4+128GB)Rs. 17,999 
Redmi 10A (2+32GB)Rs. 13,999
Redmi 10A (3+64GB)Rs. 15,299
Redmi 10A (4+128GB)Rs. 17,299 
Redmi 10C (4+64GB)Rs. 18,999
Redmi 10 (4+64GB)Rs. 18,999  
Redmi 10 (6+128GB)Rs. 21,999   
Redmi 10 Prime (4+64GB)Rs. 20,499 
Redmi 10 Prime (6+128GB)Rs. 23,999 
Redmi Note 10 Pro (6+128GB)Rs. 33,999  
Redmi Note 11 (4+64GB)Rs. 23,999
Redmi Note 11 (4+128GB)Rs. 24,999
Redmi Note 11 (6+128GB)Rs. 27,999
Redmi Note 11S (6+128GB)Rs. 30,999
Redmi Note 11S (8+128GB)Rs. 32,999
Redmi Note 11 Pro (6+128GB)Rs. 34,999
Redmi Note 11 Pro (8+128GB)Rs. 36,999
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (6+128GB)Rs. 38,499
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 41,499
Xiaomi 12 Lite (6+128GB)Rs. 50,999
Xiaomi 12 Lite (8+128GB)Rs. 53,999
Xiaomi 12X (8+256GB)Rs. 71,999
Xiaomi 12 (8+256GB)Rs. 87,999
Xiaomi 12 Pro (8+256GB)Rs. 104,999
Xiaomi 12 Pro (12+256GB)Rs. 114,999  


Poco is another company that has recently been creating hype among Nepalese gadget lovers. If you are a phone enthusiast, we are pretty sure you have also heard of Poco. Poco has many phones that fit your daily needs in a smartphone. A plus point about this brand is that the price range of its phone models can range from Rs. 14,999 to Rs. 51,999.

Needless to say, Poco provides great value for the little price you will be paying for any of its phone models.

Poco C31 (3+32GB)Rs. 14,999
Poco C31 (4+64GB)Rs. 16,499 
Poco M3 Pro (4+64GB)Rs. 23,999
Poco M5 (4/64GB)Rs. 20,499
Poco M5 (6/128GB)Rs. 23,999 
Poco F3 (6+128GB)Rs. 46,999
Poco F3 (8+256GB)Rs. 51,999  
Poco F3 GT (8+256GB)Rs. 51,999


Realme and its amazing phone range have always impressed phone users in Nepal. Realme has a wide variety of phones in its mobile phone range. You will not be disappointed by how amazingly Realme has priced its phone. Furthermore, the specs and features of phones from this company are a bit too impressive considering how less you have to pay for these phones.

You can buy Realme phones in the Nepali market ranging from Rs. 13,4999 to Rs. 109,999.  

Realme C11 2021 (2+32GB)Rs. 13,499
Realme C11 2021 (4+64GB)Rs. 15,799  
Realme C30 (2+32GB)Rs. 13,499
Realme C30 (3+32GB)Rs. 14,499
Realme C30 (4+64GB)Rs. 15,999
Realme C30s (2+32GB)Rs. 13,499 
Realme C30s (4+64GB)Rs. 15,999 
Realme C31 (4+64GB)Rs. 17,799
Realme C33 (3+32GB)Rs. 16,499 
Realme C33 (4+64GB)Rs. 18,499 
Realme C35 (4+64GB)Rs. 21,299  
Realme C35 (4+128GB)Rs. 22,799  
Realme C35 (6+128GB)Rs. 24,999 
Realme Narzo 50i (2+32GB)Rs. 13,499  
Realme Narzo 50i (4+64GB)Rs. 15,799  
Realme Narzo 50A (4+64GB)Rs. 19,499
Realme Narzo 50A (4+128GB)Rs. 21,199
Realme Narzo 50A Prime (4+64GB)Rs. 20,299 
Realme Narzo 50A Prime (4+128GB)Rs. 21,799
Realme Narzo 50 (4+64GB)Rs. 23,999
Realme Narzo 50 (6+128GB)Rs. 27,499 
Realme 9i (4+64GB)Rs. 24,499
Realme 9i (6+128GB)Rs. 27,999
Realme 9i 5G (6+128GB)Rs. 29,999
Realme 9 (6+128GB)Rs. 31,999 
Realme 9 (8+128GB)Rs. 33,999
Realme 9 Pro (8+128GB)Rs. 38,999
Realme 9 Pro+ (6+128GB)Rs. 42,999
Realme 9 Pro+ (8+128GB)Rs. 45,999
Realme GT Neo 3 (12+256GB)Rs. 77,999 
Realme GT 2 (12+256GB)Rs. 109,999  


Vivo is one of the most popular mobile phone brands that you can find in Nepal. There aren’t many people who haven’t loved the phones from Vivo. Vivo has a wide range of phone models that are just as affordable as they are diverse in features.

It has been proven by many customers that Vivo phones will last you a lot longer and will prove to be a great value for money. You can find phones from this company ranging from Rs. 13,999 to Rs. 52,999.

Vivo Y01 (2/32GB)Rs. 13,999
Vivo Y1s (2/32GB)Rs. 13,599  
Vivo Y1s (3/32GB)Rs. 14,999  
Vivo Y12s (3/32GB)Rs. 17,999
Vivo Y15s (3+64GB)Rs. 19,999  
Vivo Y16 (4+64GB)Rs. 19,999  
Vivo Y21 (4+64GB)Rs. 22,999
Vivo Y20s (4+128GB)Rs. 25,499
Vivo Y33s (8+128GB)Rs. 29,999 
Vivo Y53s (8+128GB)Rs. 34,999
Vivo Y55 (8+128GB)Rs. 33,999
Vivo V21e (8+128GB)Rs. 37,999
Vivo V23e (8+128GB)Rs. 41,999
Vivo V23e (8+256GB)Rs. 46,999
Vivo V25e (8+128GB)Rs. 42,999
Vivo V23 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 55,999
Vivo V25 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 52,999


We need not mention the amazing and diverse phone models that Samsung provides. You will surely love how many phones you can find from the company. Samsung has had a perfect customer satisfaction record for many years now.

In fact, Samsung is one of the oldest phone companies to introduce Android in the whole world. You will surely appreciate the phone models you can find from Samsung ranging from prices Rs. 13,999 to Rs. 1,79,999 in Nepal.

Galaxy A03s (3+32GB)Rs. 13,999
Galaxy A03s (4+64GB)Rs. 15,499
Galaxy A04 (3+32GB)Rs. 14,999 
Galaxy A04 (4+64GB)Rs. 16,999
Galaxy A04s (4+64GB)Rs. 18,999 
Galaxy A04s (4+128GB)Rs. 20,999
Galaxy F13 (4+128GB)Rs. 23,999
Galaxy A13 (4+64GB)Rs. 21,499
Galaxy A13 (6+128GB)Rs. 25,499
Galaxy F22 (4+64GB)Rs. 20,999
Galaxy F22 (6+128GB)Rs. 24,499
Galaxy A23 (4+64GB)Rs. 25,999
Galaxy A23 (6+128GB)Rs. 29,999
Galaxy M33 5G (6+128GB)Rs. 33,999
Galaxy M33 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 35,999
Galaxy A33 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 42,999
Galaxy A53 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 57,499
Galaxy A73 5G (8+256GB)Rs. 75,999
Galaxy S22 (8+256GB)Rs. 1,18,999
Galaxy S22+ (8+256GB)Rs. 1,37,999
Galaxy S22 Ultra (12+256GB)Rs. 1,69,999
Galaxy S22 Ultra (12+512GB)Rs. 1,79,999
Galaxy Z Flip 3 (256GB)Rs. 89,999 
Galaxy Z Fold 3 (256GB)Rs. 1,69,999
Galaxy Z Fold 3 (512GB)Rs. 1,79,999


OnePlus has made a name for itself in the market all around the world as the perfect camera phone. There are many phone models from OnePlus that will impress you in every way possible. Also, you can buy even the cheapest phone models from OnePlus and still get the best phone quality.

In Nepal, you can find OnePlus phone models ranging from Rs. 23,499 to Rs. 134,999.

OnePlus N20 SE (4+64GB)Rs. 23,499
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite (8+128GB)Rs. 40,999
OnePlus Nord CE (8+128GB)Rs. 44,999
OnePlus Nord CE (12+256GB)Rs. 51,499
OnePlus Nord CE 2 (8+128GB)Rs. 48,999
OnePlus Nord 2 (8+128GB)Rs. 59,999  
OnePlus Nord 2 (12+256GB)Rs. 69,999  
OnePlus Nord 2T (8+128GB)Rs. 64,999
OnePlus Nord 2T (12+256GB)Rs. 74,999 
OnePlus 8T (8+128GB)Rs. 78,999
OnePlus 8T (12+256GB)Rs. 85,999
OnePlus 9 (12+256GB)Rs. 104,990  
OnePlus 9 Pro (8+256GB)Rs. 119,990
OnePlus 9 Pro (12+256GB)Rs. 129,999
OnePlus 10 Pro (12+256GB)Rs. 134,999


Apple’s iPhones really don’t need an introduction. Apple has been creating the most evolutionary phones for decades now. And, they keep on upgrading to even better iPhone models every year.

You can find Apple’s iPhones from prices Rs. 87,000 to Rs. 277,990 in Nepal.   

iPhone SE 2022 (128GB)Rs. 87,000  
iPhone 11 (64GB)Rs. 76,990 
iPhone 11 (128GB)Rs. 84,990 
iPhone 12 mini (256GB)Rs. 131,990  
iPhone 12 (64GB)Rs. 120,900  
iPhone 12 (128GB)Rs. 128,900  
iPhone 12 (256GB)Rs. 144,900
iPhone 12 Pro (128GB)Rs. 156,100
iPhone 12 Pro (256GB)Rs. 172,700
iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB)Rs. 171,000  
iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB)Rs. 187,600  
iPhone 13 Mini (128GB)Rs. 122,990  
iPhone 13 Mini (256GB)Rs. 139,990 
iPhone 13 Mini (512GB)Rs. 171,990 
iPhone 13 (128GB)Rs. 139,990  
iPhone 13 (256GB)Rs. 156,990  
iPhone 13 (512GB)Rs. 191,990 
iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)Rs. 174,990  
iPhone 13 Pro (256GB)Rs. 191,490 
iPhone 13 Pro (512GB)Rs. 225,990 
iPhone 13 Pro (1TB)Rs. 260,990  
iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB)Rs. 191,990 
iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB)Rs. 208,990  
iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB)Rs. 242,990 
iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB)Rs. 277,990  


Oppo made its way into the phone market with the tag “camera phone”. Needless to say, it has been able to keep up with its tagline since the time the brand entered the mobile phone market. You will definitely love the wide variety of phones that Oppo has been providing since it entered the market. There has been no going back ever since.

You can find amazing phone models from Oppo in Nepal ranging from prices of Rs. 15,490 to Rs. 42,999.

OPPO A1k (2+32GB)Rs. 15,490
Oppo A12 (3+32GB)Rs. 14,990  
Oppo A12 (4+64GB)Rs. 20,790  
Oppo A15 (3+32GB)Rs. 18,590  
Oppo A15s (4+64GB)Rs. 21,990
Oppo A16k (3+32GB)Rs. 15,990
Oppo A16k (4+64GB)Rs. 17,490
Oppo A16 (3+32GB)Rs. 18,990  
Oppo A16 (4+64GB)Rs. 22,990  
Oppo A31 (4+128GB)Rs. 26,590  
Oppo A52 (4+128GB)Rs. 29,990
Oppo A53 (4+64GB)Rs. 22,990  
Oppo A54 (4+128GB)Rs. 25,990  
Oppo A57 (4+64GB)Rs. 23,499
Oppo A76 (6+128GB)Rs. 29,990
Oppo A77 (4+128GB)Rs. 25999
Oppo A77 (4+128GB)Rs. 25999
Oppo A77s (8+128GB)Rs. 30,999
Oppo F19 (6+128GB)Rs. 31,990  
Oppo F19 Pro (8+128GB)Rs. 35,990
Oppo F21 Pro (8+128GB)Rs. 42,999 


Honor is fairly a new name for many of the users in Nepal. And, it has been providing a good range of phone models for low-budget phone users. You can find phones from Honor ranging from Rs. 18,490 to Rs. 38,490.

Honor X6Rs. 18,490
Honor X7Rs. 24,990
Honor X8Rs. 29,990
Honor 50 LiteRs. 34,990
Honor X9Rs. 38,490


Nokia is one of the most popular brands of phones that many Nepalese are familiar with. Nokia has been providing some of the best services from the time Nepali people came to know about mobile phones. The company has made a decent comeback with its android phone line.

You can find Nokia phone models ranging from Rs. 6,999 to Rs. 22,999 in Nepal. Nokia is probably one of those friends that provides the cheapest range of phones at the current time.

Nokia C1 2nd EditionRs. 6,999
Nokia C20 (2+32GB)Rs. 10,999
Nokia C21 PlusRs. 16,499
Nokia C30 (2+32GB)Rs. 12,999
Nokia G10 (4+64GB)Rs. 16,999
Nokia G11 Plus (3+64GB)Rs. 19,499 
Nokia G20 (4+64GB)Rs. 19,899 
Nokia G21 (6+128GB)Rs. 22,999


Infinix has been gaining quite a decent popularity with its amazing phone range in Nepal. There are people who are looking to buy phones that will help them fulfill both their needs as well as remain pocket friendly for their budget. Infinix is definitely the perfect company when it comes to doing so.

You can buy phone models ranging from prices Rs. 11,999 to Rs. 25,999 in Nepal.

Infinix Smart 6 HD (2+32GB)Rs. 11,999
Infinix Smart 6 (2+32GB)Rs. 12,999
Infinix Smart 6 (3+64GB)Rs. 14,999
Infinix Hot 12i (4+64GB)Rs. 15,599
Infinix Hot 12 Play (4+64GB)Rs. 16,699
Infinix Hot 12 Play (4+128GB)Rs. 18,299 
Infinix Hot 12 (6+128GB)Rs. 21,999
Infinix Hot 12 Pro (6+64GB)Rs. 19,899
Infinix Note 12 (6+128GB)Rs. 25,999


Motorola is one of the most popular brands of phones. The company came to its peak many years ago and it is impressive how it has made a comeback with a wide range of Android smartphones in the market. You can find amazing specs in the phones provided by Motorola. You can find all types of phones from this company as per your necessity.

In Nepal, Motorola phones can be purchased from the starting price of Rs. 12,999 to Rs. 23,999.

Moto E7 Power (2+32GB)Rs. 12,999
Moto E7 Power (4+64GB)Rs. 15,990  
Moto E7 Plus (4+64GB)Rs. 16,590   
Moto E40 (4+64GB)Rs. 19,999 
Moto G9 Play (4+128GB)Rs. 19,990 
Moto G22 (4+128GB)Rs. 22,499 
Moto G31 (4+128GB)Rs. 23,999


Micromax is one of the most famous mobile phone companies in the South Asian market. Micromax has been providing its customers with amazing phones for many years now. The phone company does not have as much variety as most other brands in phones at the current time though.

You can purchase mobile phones from Micromax ranging from Rs. 18,990 to Rs. 16,190.

Micromax In Note 1 (4+64GB)Rs. 18,990
Micromax In Note 1 (4+128GB)Rs. 21,490
Micromax In Note 2b (4+64GB)Rs. 16,190

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Itel is one of the most affordable phone brands you can find in Nepal. This company has been providing a decent amount of phone models to this date. While the company is yet to cater to a larger audience, it is still growing as a brand in the Nepalese market.

You can find phone models from Rs. 6,990 to Rs. 15,400 in Nepal.

Itel A17Rs. 6,990 (1+16GB)
Itel A27Rs. 9,990 (1+16GB) (New)
Itel A48Rs. 9,990 (2+32GB)
Itel A49Rs. 11,300 (2+32GB)
Itel Vision 1 ProRs. 10,990 (2+32GB)
Itel Vision 1 ProRs. 11,480 (3+32GB)
Itel Vision 2Rs. 13,890 (3+64GB)
Itel Vision 3Rs. 12,400 (2+32GB)
Itel Vision 3Rs. 13,990 (3+64GB) (New)
Itel Vision 3Rs. 15,400 (4+64GB) (New)


ZTE may not be the most popular brand. However, many people in Nepal have been purchasing the brand. Although there aren’t many features that the phone company provides in their phone models, you can still get phones from ZTE at a very low price.

Blade L210रू 7,990 (1+32GB)
Blade A51 Liteरू 11,490 (2+32GB)
Blade A51रू 12,990 (2+32GB)
Blade V30 Vitaरू 17,990 (4+64GB)


Tecno has made a name for itself in the market as an affordable brand. While many people have not yet explored the range that the company provides, it has been proven from a maximum of the Tecno phone model’s specs that it will be perfectly suitable for older generations who do not need a lot of features in their phones.

You can buy Tecno phones from the starting price of Rs. 13,990 to Rs. 64,990.

Pop 5 LTE (3+32GB)Rs. 13,990
Pop 6 (2/32GB)Rs. 12,490
Spark 7T (4+64GB)Rs. 16,490
Spark 7T (4+128GB)Rs. 17,990
Spark 8C (3+64GB)Rs. 14,990
Spark 8 (4+64GB)Rs. 15,990
Camon 17P (6+128GB)Rs. 23,690  
Pova NeoRs. 21,990
Pova 2 (6+128GB)Rs. 23,990
Phantom XRs. 64,990  


While many people may not have heard of Benco, it is a very affordable phone company. You can find a decent phone from this brand if you don’t need a lot of features in your phone.

Whatsoever, considering the price range, you can still get a good amount of satisfaction from this brand. In Nepal, you can find phone models from Benco at the starting price of Rs. 6,5999 to Rs. 13,599.

Benco Y10 (1+32GB)Rs. 6,599
Benco Y11 (1+32GB)Rs. 6,999
Benco V60 (2+32GB)Rs. 10,349
Benco V60 (3+32GB)Rs. 10,849
Benco V62 (2+32GB)Rs. 10,499 
Benco V70 (2+32GB)Rs. 10,999 
Benco V70 (2+64GB)Rs. 11,999 
Benco V80 (3+32GB)Rs. 12,199
Benco V80 (4+64GB)Rs. 13,599

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