How to upgrade to Ncell’s eSIM in Nepal?

Ncell's eSIM in Nepal

Ncell is one of those network providers who has always come up with something innovative for the Nepali customer base. eSIM is one of the latest upgrades from Ncell for the Nepalese people. Ncell’s eSIM is here to give you the best sim service that is embedded in your phone. You really won’t need an additional physical sim card to get the advantage of sim in Nepal if your phone supports eSIM.

What is Ncell’s eSIM?

Ncell launched its eSIM service in Nepal on November 25th, 2022. While NTC became the first network-providing company to launch eSIM in Nepal, Ncell is the 2nd company to do the same.

Ncell eSIM is embedded in the motherboard of your phone’s motherboard. You don’t have to use a physical chip anymore if you have already enabled eSIM. eSIM is the latest innovation you should look forward to this year.

You can use eSIM from Ncell on more devices than you may think. eSIM also works in some advanced smartphones and IoT devices. It is another amazing feature of Ncell’s eSIM that it can be used by both Ncell and non-Ncell users.

Moreover, depending on your phone model, you can have multiple eSIM on the same device. This is probably one of the best features you will find as a user of Ncell’s eSIM.

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Will your phone support Ncell eSIM?

Your phone will support Ncell eSIM only if your phone is new. Moreover, there are only a few brands like Samsung and Apple that has an inbuilt eSIM feature. Samsung Galaxy S Series and Z Series are likely to support Ncell’s eSIM along with iPhone XS, 11, 12, 13, and 14 series. Furthermore, Google’s Pixel 4, 5, and 6 also support Ncell’s eSIM in Nepal.

If you want to know whether or not your phone supports the service, you can dial *#06# to know.

How do I enable eSIM for corporate numbers?

In order to enable eSIM for corporate numbers, you can simply go to your nearest Ncell Center with your email address, the number to be changed, and an alternate number on company letterhead. eSIM conversion request can be put and changed respectively after you make your visit to the Ncell Center.

Advantages of eSIM

  • No fear of losing the sim card chip
  • Helps in freeing space in the phone
  • Switches to another network digitally

Disadvantages of eSIM

  • Nepali sim card users are not familiar with eSIM. So, they are likely to feel uncomfortable using it
  • Not available for all mobile phone brands and devices

How to implement Ncell’s eSIM in Nepal?

While many users were concerned about having to visit Ncell Center to upgrade their sim card, the company has made the whole process more convenient.

You can easily upgrade to eSIM by sending an SMS to Ncell. Firstly, you will have to type, “<citizenship number>,<email id>” and send it to 17125. After your SMS has been verified, you will be sent a notification. Then, you will also be able to check your eSIM profile through a QR code that will be sent to you in your email.

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