How to upgrade to NTC’s eSIM in Nepal?


Nepal Telecom Corporation (NTC) will now enable people to use the most awaited eSIM in Nepal. eSIM is the latest innovation in the country that had been highly anticipated by the Nepali people for a long time.

NTC signed an agreement with a UK-based company to provide eSIM to Nepalese people. While the concept is still new, it is about time that you upgrade to an eSIM.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can upgrade to NTC’s eSIM in Nepal.

What is NTC eSIM?

eSIM is a sim service that is embedded in the mobile’s motherboard itself. There is no need for a physical sim card when you are using NTC eSIM. And, the service has been enabled for prepaid and postpaid users of NTC since the month of September 2022. While physical sim cards have been proven to be a bit of a burden, NTC eSIM will help its customers get the benefit of effortlessness.

Moreover, you can easily change the generator with the help of a single phone call. And, NTC eSIM is entirely rewritable as well.

Which devices are supported by NTC eSIM?

NTC eSIM can be supported in any device that has an embedded sim feature in it. However, many Nepali users are still questioning of what type of device the sim service supports and vice versa.

Some of the most popular devices that help in enable NTC eSIM would be the Samsung Galaxy S Series and Z Series. And, Apple‘s iPhone XR and higher while the iPhone 14 series from the US only enables eSIM. While Apple phones from the US still work in Nepal, you can not be quite sure of how long it is going to work for the Nepalese audience.

Likewise, eSIM also works for high-end smartwatches from Galaxy Watch 5 Series.

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Advantages of eSIM

  • Takes less space
  • You can have more than one sim
  • You can temporarily change to another network
  • No problem in the theft of a small sim chip

Disadvantages of eSIM

  • It can be a hassle to switch to another device
  • It becomes easier to track down
  • The Nepali customer base is still new to eSIM and they may find it uncomfortable to use

Does my phone support eSIM?

You may be confused and concerned about whether or not your phone supports eSIM. And, we are here to clear your doubts.

It is quite simple though. If you own a flagship device that is new in the market, then it has the probability to be able to support eSIM. Otherwise, you can assume that your phone does not support eSIM. Likewise, not all phone brands that are available in Nepal support NTC’s eSIM yet.

There are many who still doubt whether or not their device has this service. They can simply dial “*#06#” to know.

Other ways you can know whether your phone supports eSIM include:

  • Look for an EID (Embedded Identification Document) value pop-up alongside the IMEI numbers
  • The “Status Information” section inside the Settings can help you in finding this
  • Check the phone’s product page

How do you get eSIM in Nepal?

While free eSIM is eligible for all prepaid and postpaid numbers, you have to visit the following locations in order to upgrade to eSIM in Nepal.

LocationContact number
Bhaktapur01-6622066 / 01-6618852
Chabahil01-4479200 / 01-5903390
Naxal01-4430660 / 01-4416666
Sundhara01-5340065 / 01-5909866
Thimi01-6632600 / 01-6632700

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