Review of Yatri bike – Best Electric Bike of Nepal

Yatri Bike

Yatri Bike was founded in 2017 to demonstrate that world-class electric vehicles can be designed, engineered, and manufactured from the ground up in Nepal – that going electric does not have to be a compromise, but rather better, faster, and gentler for the environment.

Yatri Bike to Reinvent Urban Mobility

Yatri’s vision of reinventing the urban mobility landscape entails the development of an entire sustainable ecosystem of products and services. Yatri manufactures charging wall modules, fast chargers, and seamless service architecture to connect everything to Yatri Hub. Aside from the flagship Project Zero, Yatri will expand its product line to rapidly scalable vehicles in other exciting market segments beginning in the summer of 2021. These products will save over NPR 200,000 in fuel costs alone over a five-year period, and zero maintenance adds to that. Finally, Yatri will take the product and service game to a new level in the public transportation segment, which will be the final piece in the reinvention.

Currently, Yatrimotorcycles Focuses on Two Models:


Project One(P-1)

The urban commuter has been central to the P-1 design process. P-1 has you covered for your daily commute or a night out with friends, thanks to its stylish urban design and rugged good looks. Yatri’s powerful drivetrain and excellent ergonomics make city traffic enjoyable! With a weight of only 120kg and peak power of 19hp, Project One has a power-to-weight ratio comparable to 250cc motorcycles. On your P-1, every commute is an adventure.

P-1, with its exciting blend of form and function, is always up for a good time. With a market-leading 320 mm ground clearance and power delivery, go hit the trail, spend the weekend in the cabin, or simply cruise through the backcountry and discover all the hidden gems. Whatever you do, you will make memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

How many kilometers do you add to your daily commute? What will it look like at the end of your ownership period? The P-1’s over 90% efficient powertrain costs only NPR 0.3 per km, whereas comparable combustion engine motorcycles cost well over 20 times that. P-1 can now be used for a variety of purposes other than your daily commute.

Battery and Performance

The P-1 has a market-leading 2-hour charging time from a standard household outlet and a first-in-class 30-minute DC charging time. Fast charging allows you to be more daring than ever before, opening up new possibilities. P-1 will truly reflect the freedom of travel thanks to Yatri Energy’s extensive national network of charging stations.

P-1 has a comfortable range of 110 km on a single rider (75 kg) setup with a mixed riding style of mildly sporty and laidback city riding (40 km). Depending on your weight and how relaxed you are, you can expect a real-world city range of slightly more or less than 110 km. With a pillion rider, you can expect slightly less range.

While pushing the P-1 or driving it on the highways is a lot of fun, it will demand more current from its powertrain, which will inevitably deplete the charge at a much faster rate. Depending on how daring you are, you could get a range as low as 60-70 km. On hilly off-road trips, this figure may fall even lower. Furthermore, pushing P-1 beyond its normal use case will cause the system temperature to rise at a much faster rate, triggering the P-1 system protection and temporarily reducing the power supply.


Peak Power – 14 kW (19 hp)

Range – 110 km

Top Speed – 100 kph

Wheel Torque – 480Nm

Ground Clearance – 320mm

Battery Capacity – 3.0 kWh

Home Charge – 2 hours (100% SoC)

Fast Charge – 40 mins (80% SoC)

Price – NPR. 565,000

Reservation – NPR. 10,000


Internet – On-board 4G network and Bluetooth

Mobile App –

Android and iOS
Antitheft with on-board GPS
Charging Status, Fast Charger availability & Route Planning
On-demand servicing appointment
Road Side Assistance


With an Elegance in Motion design philosophy, Project Zero takes the proportions of a cafe racer and upgrades them with clean, modern design lines. We hope to reach not only environmentalists, but also those who care about owning an inspiring product, with this elegant design.

Battery and Performance

The battery pack contains pouch cells with Lithium-Nickel-Manganese chemistry that hold 8 kWh of energy and provide a generous 230 km of true range. It incorporates cutting-edge protection circuitry and algorithms to maximize battery health and efficiency.

The 48 kW (64 hp) electric motor provides 650 Nm of instant torque at the wheel while maintaining 97% efficiency, a maintenance-free life, and a 0-60 km/h time of less than 2.5 seconds.

With market-leading vehicle software that provides valuable data to ensure our users are always connected to what truly matters, Project Zero stands out in a sea of two-wheelers. A stunning 7″ TFT dashboard replaces traditional tachometers with a plethora of sensor data, built-in 4G connectivity and navigation, keyless start, and OTA updates that will keep P-0 looking fresh for years to come.

The integrated tail light on the P-0 is unique in that it not only beautifully communicates the rider’s intentions on the road, but it also includes useful features such as charging status and auto-off indicators.


Peak Power – 48 kW (64 hp)

Torque – 120 Nm at shaft (650 Nm at wheel)

Acceleration – 0-60 km/h in under 2.5s

Top Speed – 140 km/h

Battery Capasity – 8.0 kWh

Range – 230 km

Charger – 3.3 kW onboard (2 hrs 80% SoC)

Price – NPR. 19,49,000

Chassis – Chromoly Steel Trellis Frame

Suspension – Front 43 mm RCP adjustible USD forks
Rear RC adjustible nitrogen-charged monoshock

Brakes – Front Brembo 2-piston 320mm disc
Rear Brembo 1-piston 240mm disc
Warner Borg E-braking

Tyres – Metzeler Sportec M7RR
Front 110/70-17
Rear 150/60-17

Wheels – Aluminum rims and CNC machined hubs

Weight – 190 kg

Ground Clearance – 175 mm

Seat Height – 800 mm

Rake Angle – 24.5 deg

Wheelbase – 1400 mm

Internet – On-board 4G network

Mobile App – Android and iOS
Antitheft with on-board GPS
On-demand servicing appointment
Road Side Assistance

If you’re looking for an electric bike that’s stylish, powerful, and affordable, the Yatri bike is a great option. It’s one of the best electric bikes on the market, and it won’t break the bank. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the great outdoors, the Yatri bike will get you where you need to go with ease.

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