Nepali Patro updated Amazing Radio

After the update was released two months ago, “Yo Gajjab Chha”, and “Nepali Patro ” released a new update on both iOS and Android media with the theme “Amazing Radio – Radio and Online News as well”.

This update has not only covered the Nepali radios operating across the country and outside the country, but also it has included some amazing radio and some new and smart features that have not been used in the radio application yet. “We have released ‘Amazing Radio – Radio and Online News’ for our Nepali Patro users and the radio in Nepali Patro with even smarter, more amazing, and diverse useful features for them. In which the radio listeners listen to their favorite radio in Nepali Patro. You can also see official online news headlines. The news can also be shared on various social networks. Popular local FM/radios of all seven provinces will cover breaking news, and updated breaking news on the same radio page.

“Why this is amazing is that it allows the user to read the latest information and news from the radio content broadcasted by the local radio online. The user can log in to the Nepali calendar and save the radio they like, and share it on various social networks. They can know how many people listened to the radio, and how many likes they got. You will be able to see the things that have happened. Also, users who listen to the radio can log in to Nepali Calendar and compress their thoughts on the radio they listen to. Other users can also respond to their thoughts. If you have installed or uninstalled Nepali Calendar on your new mobile, log in. Radio lists that are not saved will not appear in the save list.”

“Why is it still amazing?” In this new update, the easy search for finding the radio is placed at the top, while the trending radios that are heard in the Nepali calendar, radios by province, radios with frequencies, and popular online radios that do not have a frequency but are online are also at the top of the application. And are included in the tabs. This feature makes it easy for the user to listen to and search for the radio they like by selecting the tab according to the frequency radio and online radio they want to listen to. “We have prepared to publicize two other wonderful facilities immediately after the football World Cup is over, and both of them will be new in terms of radio sources, radio personnel, and technology,” said Santosh Kumar Devkota, Chief Executive Officer of Nepali Patro.

What’s more than ratio update?

Apart from this radio update, the Nepali calendar now includes the feature ‘IME Football 2022‘ with the score update of World Cup football, participating teams, score table, lineup, stats of every game and the live text commentary, and live update of ‘General Election 2079‘ can also be viewed.

Nepali Calendar – Nepali Tithi, Date, Festival, Nepali Culture, Vedic Sanatan Hindu Festivals / Festivals, is a digital calendar full of factual information about all special days, festivals, and festivals and also includes information about various castes, languages, religions, beliefs, and cultures. From ‘Nepali Patro’, all the information about Nepali time, dates, calendar, auspicious times / Muhurta can be easily obtained from our website, or through the Best Nepali Patro App available on iPhone and Android from any corner of the world.

Nepal’s first community mobile application/app “Nepali Patro” is filled with various useful materials, tools and features for users to use in daily life. By using ‘Nepali Patro’ anyone can easily create a reliable Janam Kundli / Janmapatri / Janam Patrika (mobile application using accurate Vedic Astrology principles) by just entering the place of birth and birth date and time.

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