Segway E-scooter E110L Price in Nepal | Specs & Features


Electric vehicles (EVs) have started growing in the Nepali market since the price of petrol and diesel have become very expensive. As a result, people have begun buying electric cars and e-scooters, which has brought more innovations in the field of Electric vehicles. Recently, Segway launched a new electric scooter in Nepal, and the name of the scooter is E-scooter E110L.

Segway is one of the best e-scooter manufacturing companies in Nepal. The company is famous for its efficient features and stylish scooters.

Segway E-scooter E110L
Segway E-scooter E110L

The E-scooter manufacturing company always tries to deliver the best and the highest quality items regardless it is a scooter or a robot. Therefore, the brand has established itself as a trendsetter, and its products are used and loved by a lot of people throughout the world.

Attractive Features of Segway E-Scooter

Why is Segway considered one of the best and safest e-scooter manufacturing companies? There are a lot of reasons that prove this statement.

The company had always been very attentive to the features that it includes. Not using petrol is not only the thing that makes the E-scooter attractive as there are a lot more features including, security, battery, control, etc.

Segway E-Scooter has several attractive features that make the scooter more preferred in the Nepali market. Some of the most attractive features of the e-scooter are discussed below:

Keyless Operation

The all-new Segway E-scooter does not need keys to operate. Furthermore, seat locks, battery compartment locks, and tail boxes are keyless. Instead of keys, you can start the scooter with the launcher app, which you can install on your phone. This makes the scooter even safer and more protected.

Segway E-scooter E110L
Segway e-scooter launching app

You do not have to spend time looking for the key, which directly saves you valuable time and energy. No matter wherever you are, you can always be updated about your scooter as it will be connected to your mobile device.

Upgraded Security Features

To prevent any unauthorized movements and the scooter from being stolen, Segway has installed the E-a lock feature. Moreover, the phone holders and mirrors are also set with a lock, allowing the riders to lock the e-scooter right after parking.

The chances of your Segway E-scooter getting stolen decrease by a very high percentage because of this feature. Therefore, you can park it in your backyard and take a sound nap with no worries about losing the scooter.

Auto Parking Mode and Personalized Audio

Segway has set up an electronic parking mechanism for its new e-scooter. This mechanism can prevent the scooter from any intentionless accelerator touches. The feature makes parking a lot safer and prevents the e-scooter from any scratches while parking.

Segway E-scooter E110L
Segway E-scooters

Furthermore, you can also set your own personalized vehicle audio systems per your needs and personality.

Intelligent Detection System

An attitude and heading reference system include alerts for anomalies and knock-over. With the help of the Driver Occupancy Detection System, which uses automotive-grade technologies, it may warn the rider of unusual situations.

Riders are reminded to retract the kickstand by the kickstand detector, preventing potential dangers. These systems protect both the rider as well as the passenger. Therefore, the e-scooter can help you ride in the safest way possible.

Battery and Performances

Segway E-scooter E110L consists of a self-developed battery management system. This battery system provides several advantages to the scooter, such as:

  • Abnormal Temperature Protection
  • Under voltage Protection
  • Hot Plug Protection
  • Overcharge protection

Besides, the battery can also safeguard the scooter with overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. Furthermore, the e-scooter also consists of a battery management system that makes the battery life longer and also activates optimal battery operation.

Moreover, one of the most attractive features of this scooter is that it has an energy-recovering braking system which increases the life of the battery.

Talking about the performance of the E-scooter E110L, this scooter has a max power of 2400 watts and a battery capacity of 72 V 24 A.

The E110L has a huge 27L mailbox with a capacity of two helmets, a seat cushion, a passenger-only backpedal, a dual-sided USB charging connector, and a practical center kickstand.

Talking about the charging time, the Segway E-scooter gets fully charged within 5-6 hours with by a regular power outlet. Furthermore, this e-scooter can travel more than 110 kilometers with one full charge.

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More Features

The scooter has a spacious seat that can accommodate two persons and a large storage area underneath that measures 27 liters. For ideal weight and gravity distribution, the battery is positioned beneath the footboard.

Besides, the LED matrix headlights have a range of up to 30 meters and a beam angle of 128 degrees, and the LED color display provides all the necessary information at a glance.

The Segway-Ninebot software, which offers all the smart capabilities, may be used to link the Segway E-scooter E110S to a smartphone. In addition, the e-scooter has also been tested under ideal conditions by the company before launching it in the market.

Even though the scooter looks very small, it can easily carry up to 230kg. Besides, the top speed of this e-scooter is 45 km and it has a luggage compartment of 27 liters. In addition, the max motor power of E-scooter 110L is 1.5kW or 2 Horsepower.

The Segway E110L has three driving modes, or “gears,” that can be chosen by pressing a button. The speed cap for the first stage is 25 km/h, the second is around 35 km/h, and the third stage is 45 km/h for EU scooters. Acceleration occurs most quickly at the maximum setting, unlike physical gears, which offer better traction at lower speeds.

Prices and Available Colors

One of the major things that we all, as a buyer, see is color availability. Therefore, Segway E-scooter E110L is available in 5 different colors:

  • Arctic White (Glossy)
  • Phantom Black (Glossy)
  • Steel Gray (Glossy)
  • Stone Gray (matte)
  • Intense Red (Glossy)
Color Variations

Talking about the price, Segway E-scooter’s price in the Nepali market is set to be Rs. 3,65,000. Investing this money for one time will help you save your money throughout the time you have the scooter.

Other products

Prior to releasing the E110L, Segway had also brought Segway E100 and E125 to the Nepali market. Both of these scooters were loved by the Nepali people which encouraged the brand to bring a new model to the town.

There are not much of changes in the outer looks of all three versions. However, the internal working mechanisms and features have been upgraded in each of these models.

In addition, Segway is also famous for the robots that it manufactures. However, the company has not introduced those robots in the Nepali market until now. Nevertheless, the love and trust offered by the Nepali people to the E-scooters certainly encourage the company to bring robots into Nepal as well.

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As a whole, Segway E-scooter E110L helps you save your hard-earned money. You can get the scooter in any official showroom of Segway throughout Nepal.

With the most advanced security options, this E-scooter might be the best thing you invest your money on. All the features of the scooter included in this article make it more attractive and the available colors add a lot more charm to this e-scooter.

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