To Enhance your Instagram Experience, try these tools.

tools to improve your Instagram experience
tools to improve your Instagram experience

Instagram is a fantastic platform in and of itself, but by utilizing these tools, you can enhance your experience. Let’s talk about tools to improve your Instagram experience.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps, with over a billion users. Much of its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is extremely simple to use and only provides features that you require – unlike Facebook, which can feel cluttered at times. Keeping things simple, on the other hand, has a cost. But Facebook allows users to download posts, and Instagram users must rely on screenshots. Taking this into account, here are the best apps to use alongside Instagram to enhance your experience.

Tools to improve your Instagram experience

Video Downloader by InShot

tools to improve your Instagram experience
InShot’s Video Downloader not only allows you to download videos from Instagram, but also from a variety of other platforms.

Instagram does not allow you to download any posts. While you can share Instagram posts via links to other apps, those links still open on the Instagram website or app. Opening those links sometimes requires users to log in first, which can be difficult if the other party does not have an Instagram account. The Video Downloader app is the solution to this problem.

  1. Tap the three-dot menu at the top right of a post and select the ‘Link’ option to copy the post’s link.
  2. Launch the InShot Video Downloader and paste the link into the text field at the top.
  3. Click the download button to save the video to your phone’s gallery.


Followmeter is one of the best Instagram tools for keeping track of your followers.

Because Instagram has no built-in tool for detecting unfollowers, users must manually scan their following list to see who has unfollowed them. Followmeter is the best way to find unfollowers and reciprocate by unfollowing them.

After logging in with your Instagram account, you’ll be given a number of options for managing your followers. To find those who have stopped following you, select the “Not following back” option. You can also use the “Unfollowers” option, but in order for it to work, you must keep the app installed and wait for the app to detect when someone unfollows you. Both Android and iOS versions of the app are available.


tools to improve your Instagram experience
Mojo comes in handy when you need the perfect Instagram Story.

Sure, Instagram has a number of editing tools to help you spruce up your stories. However, if you are an artist, you should use Mojo. Mojo allows you to use built-in templates to create collages, add aesthetic filters, and turn your photos into really appealing animations. To make your stories even more interesting, you can incorporate music from Mojo’s extensive library of royalty-free music. You can get both Android and iOS devices.

Unfold: Stories & Link in Bio

With a few clicks, Unfold allows you to create beautiful links in bio pages.

Fitting multiple links into your Instagram bio can be difficult if you are a freelancer, brand, or business page. This is where link-in-bio sites come into play. While there are numerous such sites, Unfold takes things a step further by providing a plethora of beautiful templates that you can customize to create a highly personalized link-in-bio page. It is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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