TV Price in Nepal

A TV is always a long-term investment for anyone who wants to make a purchase of one. This is because when we are buying a TV, we don’t always think of buying another one for several years. It is important that people learn about the prices of TV as per their necessity that is also available in Nepal. In this article, we have listed some TV companies along with a list of prices that are available in the market in Nepal.

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Samsung TV

ModelPrice in Nepal(Updated)
QA75LS03BAKXXLRs. 456,390
QA85Q60BARXHERs. 632,390
QA75Q60BARXHERs. 384,890
QA75Q60AARXHERs. 351,890
QA65Q60BARXHERs. 302,390
QA55Q60BARXHERs. 179,190
UA85BU8000RXHERs. 473,090
UA85AU8000RXHERs. 431,090
UA75BU8000RXHERs. 329,890
UA75AU8000RXHERs. 303,490
UA65AU7700RXHERs. 159,390
UA55AU7700RXHERs. 109,890
UA43AU7700RXHERs. 82,390
UA43T5500ARXHERs. 68,090
UA43T5400ARXHERs. 60,390
UA32T4500ARHXERs. 44,110
UA32T4400ARHXERs. 39,490
UA32N4010ARXHERs. 37,950

Xiaomi Mi TV

Xiaomi Mi TV ModelPrice in Nepal
Mi TV 4A (32″)NPR 29,999
Mi TV 4A (40″)NPR 39,999
Mi TV 4A Pro (43″)NPR 44,999
Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition (43″)NPR 46,999
Mi TV 4X (43″)NPR 54,999
Mi TV 4X (55″)NPR 79,999
Mi TV 4X (65″)NPR 109,999


CG TV ModelPrice(Updated)
CG24HF208Rs. 16,690
CG24J09Rs. 16,990
CG32HF208Rs. 21,390
CG32J09Rs. 21,390
CG32GF207Rs. 21,390
CG32DJ06S.V1Rs. 26,490
CG32GF207SRs. 26,490
CG32HF2085Rs. 26,490
CG43DJ06SRs. 41,190
CG43DJ06S.V2Rs. 41,190
CG43GF207SRs. 41,190
CG43GF207URs. 55,490
CG32B1Rs. 29,490
CG32C1Rs. 29,490
CG43C1Rs. 46,190
CG43D1Rs. 52,990
CG50A1Rs. 66,490
CG50D1Rs. 67,590
CG55A1Rs. 69,990
CG55D1Rs. 79,390
CGMR65E1Rs. 122,290
CGMR75E1Rs. 208,890



Model Number  Price in Nepal
32LM550BRs. 28,490
32LQ636BRs. 46,990
43UP7550Rs. 75,990
50UP7550Rs. 100,990
50UP7750Rs. 103,790
55UP7550Rs. 111,690
55UP7750Rs. 114,890
65UP7550Rs. 156,590
65UP7750Rs. 165,990
75UP7750Rs. 319,990
OLED48C1Rs. 244,390
OLED55C1Rs. 262,590
OLED65C1Rs. 447,190
OLED65C9Rs. 447,190

Sony Bravia TV

Sony Bravia TV Model Price in Nepal
50X75 Rs. 150,000
55X80J (Google TV)Rs. 180,000
65X80J (Google TV) 
Rs. 231,000
75X80J (Google TV)Rs. 360,000

One Plus TV

OnePlus TV ModelPrice in Nepal
32Y1Rs. 39,990
43Y1Rs. 55,990


Model Number Price in Nepal(Updated)
55C728Rs. 123,890
65C728Rs. 165,590
55P3FSRs. 67,290
43P615Rs. 52,990
55P615Rs. 78,990
55C8Rs. 89,790
55C6USRs. 113,990
65P6USRs. 106,990
65P615Rs. 109,290
75P725Rs. 209,690
32565ARs. 30,690
43S6500Rs. 48,690
32D3000Rs. 24,290

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