Twitter Blue Check Mark and Subscription Cost

Twitter Blue Check Mark

Many people all around the world have been curious about the new update about the Twitter Blue check mark. In this article, we will be discussing the latest update made in Twitter Blue Check Mark along with the subscription cost.

Though everyone will not be able to get access to the latest Twitter Blue, there are many other things that have come to concern in people’s minds. If you are an avid Twitter user, you should be known everything that we have listed here.

What is Twitter Blue Check Mark?

Twitter Blue Check Mark

Elon Musk bought Twitter and ever since, there have been many changes. Although the revenue of Twitter has highly decreased which resulted in a significant turnover in the company, Musk is working to increase the revenue of the company and trying to lead his company toward revenue increment in the coming days.

Twitter Blue was officially introduced to Twitter users all around the world in 2008. The blue checkmark in the past made it accessible for Twitter users almost all over the world to get a verified account. Things have pretty much changed with the latest upgrade. The verification option has helped many people get the recognition of an elite and a premium user. On top of this, many verified users have been successful in getting more followers considering that they are authentic and elite personalities.

Twitter Blue is a subscription option that Elon Musk has introduced among Twitter users. With Twitter Blue, there has been a change made in the policy of the former notable, active, and authentic users who were able to use the prioritized features given through Twitter’s blue check mark. However, anyone who has subscribed to Twitter Blue will only be able to use the privileges now. As of the current time, many people have not yet been able to get access to the subscription due to many reasons.

Who is eligible for Twitter Blue?

Android users will not be able to access the update any time sooner. Meanwhile, IOS users from only The US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK will be eligible to enjoy Twitter Blue’s subscription. If you have been a user with access to Twitter’s blue check mark and you do not fit in any of the aforementioned criteria, you will get notified about the update.

Twitter Blue is an upgrade in the premium feature provided by Twitter to its users. And, since the update is recent, not many people even from eligible countries are being able to subscribe to the premium feature.

Mind you, if you are an IOS user, you will lose your privilege to use the Blue Checkmark if you have not upgraded with a subscription fee. Likewise, you also have the option to cancel the subscription. You will be given a pro-rated refund in case you have subscribed to the previous subscription for the same blue checkmark on Twitter.

How to Subscribe to Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue Check Mark

You can follow the steps below to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

  1. Click on your Twitter Menu button or the three-dot option on the app or the website respectively.
  2. Select Twitter Blue.
  3. Click on the blue subscribe button.
  4. IOS users can follow the in-app purchase instructions at the end.

Will Android Users Who Have Been Subscribed to Older Subscription Be Able to Use The Service?

Twitter has still not announced access to the feature among Android and web users to this date. Whatsoever, if you are an Android user and have subscribed to their previous subscription, you will be able to use the blue check mark till the day you have subscribed to the former subscription package.

On top of this, you will be notified before Twitter cancels your subscription as soon as the period of your former subscription package ends. And, you won’t be able to access to the latest upgrade until further notice from Twitter.

Can New Accounts Who Fit The Necessary Criteria Access Twitter Blue?

No, if you are a new user of Twitter, you will not be immediately able to access the latest upgrade of Twitter Blue. Twitter has set a waiting period of 90 days for any new Twitter users. So, you will have to wait for the full of waiting period plus any additional time it might take to get the Twitter Blue checkmark in your profile. Though you won’t get a notice about this, you will have to know about the policy before you try to get a Twitter Blue check mark on your profile as a new Twitter account owner.

Special Features of Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is not accessible to everyone despite their subscription. Here are a few features that Twitter Blue has that not everyone is able to access.

  • A verified account with a blue checkmark
  • Bookmark Folders
  • Custom App Icons
  • Themes
  • Custom navigation
  • Top Articles
  • Reader
  • Undo Tweet

You will be able to use only a few of the above-mentioned features if you are an Android or web user. Out of all these features, an Android user won’t have access to Themes and a verified account with a blue checkmark anymore. Besides this, if you are using Twitter through the web, Twitter will deprive you of some additional features over that of an Android user like customer app icons, theme, and a verified account with a blue checkmark.

Speaking for the IOS users from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, you will have an access to all of the above features given that you have already subscribed to the monthly subscription of the latest update.

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What is The Subscription Cost for Twitter Blue?

Elon Musk has officially increased the subscription cost for Twitter Blue from $4.99 to $7.99 USD.Twitter is making the latest update in an initiative to increase their company’s revenue. Additionally, Musk has also made it clear that only a section out of everyone who uses Twitter can get the latest subscription.

Although you will still be able to use Twitter despite not having a subscription to the app, you won’t be able to get eligibility to use the latest upgraded premium features of the app. Twitter Blue charges its new subscribers $7.99 or $8.00 every month. If you do not upgrade from the older version, you will definitely get notified about verification removal from your profile.

If you want to have an access to the latest upgrade, make sure you fit all the criteria on top of being just notable, authentic, and active on Twitter.

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