How to Verify TikTok Account

Verify TikTok account in Nepal

TikTok has become one of the most used social media platforms. People are more active on TikTok than they are on Instagram and Facebook. The app has been successful in catering to the interests of people all over the world. If there is one question that remains in the minds of people, that would be how to verify a TikTok account.

The users of TikTok are quite big. Many people have already gone viral with their amazing videos. And, many of the users are willing to find a way to get their accounts verified.

In this article, we will be discussing how to verify one’s TikTok account.

How to Apply for TikTok Verification?

You can follow these steps in order to verify your Tiktok account.

1) Tap on Profile at the bottom in Tiktok.

2) Click on the Menu button.

3) Select Settings and Privacy.

4) Select Manage Account and click on Verification.

Note: Business accounts can apply for business account verification and Personal accounts can apply for Personal and Institutional account verification.

5) Follow the steps in the app to proceed with your verification process. ( This does not apply everywhere.)

Who can Apply for Tiktok Verification?

Anyone who is active, notable, and authentic as a user in Tiktok will be able to get the blue badge in their profile. If you do not consider the terms and policies of the app, you will not be eligible to verify your profile. Hence, you not only have to cover all the criteria of being active, notable, and authentic but also must follow the rules and policies that are stated in the Tiktok app.

When will you get notified about the verification?

You will get notified about the verification once your TikTok account has been monetized. Moreover, you can get notified about updates and other necessary stuff on your TikTok account even when you are no longer verified.

Will verified accounts get paid for their content?

Yes! After your TikTok account has been verified, you will surely get paid for the content that you post.

If you are wondering when will you be getting the fees for your content, it would be from the time your account has been monetized. Furthermore, you can also earn money by showing ads in your content like they do in Youtube videos.

There are multiple chances for you to get money from content creation.

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