Why is CG Net so bad?

Why is CG Net so bad?

CG Net has been gaining a lot of complaints from its users. The internet company is new in the market. Customers seemed to be quite happy with the internet service providers in their initial days. But why are the reviews for CG Net so bad now? This article is here to clear out the reasons for the bad reviews.

  • The internet provider company does not facilitate its users with its own app.
  • Furthermore, customers have been complaining about the frequent internet drops and absence of phone service.
  • Likewise, its competitors Worldlink and Vianet are doing quite well in comparison. The negative word of mouth is clearly affecting the decision and reviews of potential customers.

It was easy for the internet company to create a market for itself. But, it has not been easy to keep intact its service. Customers were mostly let down because of their high hopes. Many customers have addressed the fact that they faced a decline in the quality of Youtube videos after 6 pm when they subscribed to CG Net. Furthermore, people have complained about the bad customer service of CG Net. While there are many people facing issues with the internet provider service, they could not quite get any help from the company’s service center either.

CG Net also promised its customers to provide them with 120 Mbps of speed. However, they have not been able to keep up with the said number of Mbps at the current time. The low price factor is not working in favor of the company anymore.

While many people are still complaining about the bad service of the company, CG Net has admitted to falling behind because of its lack of experience in the market. The company has addressed the issue and claims to make the necessary changes soon.

Though it is not easy for the company, customers and potential customers are expecting more from the company besides just the low cost of their internet service.

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